Machine Learning and Analytics

“This is an Ah Ha! moment.”

– Research Director upon seeing a key relationship identified by MI Analyst


Machine Learning Applied To Market Research and Competitive Intelligence

Northern Light applies powerful machine learning capabilities to SinglePoint strategic research portals in several valuable and creative ways. Using Google’s TensorFlow library of machine learning algorithms, SinglePoint can automatically synthesize, refine, and present critical information distilled from large collections of market intelligence content within a SinglePoint portal, changing the search process profoundly.

Use cases include:

  • “Automated document summaries” deeply analyze documents, identify the key ideas, and write summaries of the documents that reveal the insights contained in the document for the user.
  • “More like this” – The user picks documents that are of interest from the original search result and clicks on the “more like this” button to have SinglePoint rewrite the search query to automatically generate an entire search result of on-target items.
  • “Recommended reading list” – The system generates content recommendations for the user based on his or her interests and preferences, determined through automated analysis of user downloads, saves, and shares. In essence, instead of the user searching for relevant content, the content finds the user.
  • “Automated search report” – The system examines documents on a search result that contain the most important ideas, and then automatically summarizes the key points in an easy to read report format. Each key point includes links to the underlying documents so users can drill in to read the original if they want to learn more.


MI Analyst

Northern Light’s initial foundation for machine learning was our MI Analyst tool, launched in 2007 and an integral component of the SinglePoint solution today. MI Analyst does a full-text “read” of all the research reports and articles returned on a results list, identifies the concepts and issues that they report on, and directs the user to the most interesting documents – not from a search relevance perspective, but from a meaning perspective. MI Analyst guides users to material that will meet the purposes of the search because it has been informed by detailed, context-specific taxonomies tailored to the client’s business goals and industry.

The context-specific insight and discovery MI Analyst produces is a combined product of purposed content aggregation, our tailored search engine, and well-trained analytics engine working with pre-processed documents. For clients of our customized SinglePoint portals, Northern Light builds a meaning taxonomy, identifies concepts as well as the many different ways a single concept might be expressed.  The concepts are exposed on search results as a faceted navigation option and can be used to graphically visualize market research and competitive intelligence insights.