Just the Basics


“At first we thought the primary, maybe the only, users of SinglePoint would be marketing. That is so far from the truth. Sales, IT, product management, engineering, finance …At this time we have usage across all job functions, across all geographies globally.”

— Market Intelligence Manager and SinglePoint client

Northern Light: Machine learning-enabled platforms for competitive intelligence and market research insights

Northern Light applies machine learning, analytics, search, and purpose-focused content aggregation within a feature-rich knowledge management solution for market research, competitive intelligence, and customer insights.

Our solutions leverage cognitive search capabilities to help users rapidly derive and share business insights from all primary and secondary market research sources aggregated for the organization’s market intelligence function.

Northern Light clients comprise the largest, most well recognized innovators from the ranks of the Fortune 100, including 10 of Boston Consulting Group’s 50 “Most Innovative Companies” of 2016.


Northern Light’s flagship offering is an AI-powered enterprise portal platform optimized for market research and competitive intelligence.  A synthesis of our technology, services, and client-specific content of all types, SinglePoint strategic research portals seamlessly integrate and search any number of internal, licensed external, news, video, social media, and government sources – in any combination – with single-sign-on ease. The result is an enterprise-wide market and customer intelligence solution, in a securely hosted, turnkey offering that is fully deployed in 90 days.

Insight distribution ecosystem

The SinglePoint platform functions as an insight distribution ecosystem with many publishing features, such as strategic dashboards, newsletters, email alerts, RSS feeds, APIs, and mobile solutions. Client subject matter experts use SinglePoint to curate and publish customer and competitive insights enterprise-wide.  SinglePoint’s UI, which is based on Google’s user interface standards known as Material Design, is mobile first, fully responsive, modern, and aesthetically pleasing.

Machine learning-based cognitive search accelerates time-to-insight

Northern Light’s platform embeds powerful machine learning capabilities for cognitive search based on Google’s TensorFlow library of machine learning algorithms, which are widely regarded as the most powerful in the world. This AI technology enables the system to automatically synthesize, refine, and present critical information distilled from large collections of market intelligence content within a SinglePoint portal, changing the search process profoundly for the first time since 1994.  No more do users have to manually examine a long list of documents on a search result; users can just read the automated search report.

Content aggregation driven by the intended professional purpose and use

Market intelligence applications require large collections of relevant research to serve as a foundation for generating competitive and customer insights.  Northern Light aggregates and searches licensed secondary market research – including full-text documents from 160+ analyst and research firms – plus internal market research collections, SharePoint (and other) enterprise repositories, primary research created by outside market research contractors, business news, government databases, social media, and web content in any combination.

Analytics for generating and visualizing insights

Northern Light’s MI Analyst provides deep concept-based tagging of all strategic research portal content, whether it be from internal, subscription, or news sources.  Concept categories include business strategy, customer insights, technologies, regulatory issues, company names, and more.  Concepts can then be used to explore relevant material, find relationships, surface insights, and present insights visually.

Proprietary search engine explicitly designed to meet the needs of business research

Northern Light’s search engine was designed by us from the ground up to exploit the attributes commonly found in research reports, business documents, and industry news. Because we own the search engine, we can shape and evolve it to our clients’ precise use cases for a level of business search service that far exceeds the capabilities of general purpose engines.

Securely hosted research portals provide turn-key ease with multi-level, enterprise grade security and access control

Northern Light has hosted highly sensitive, large-scale SinglePoint implementations for the world’s most well-known enterprises successfully and uneventfully since the year 2000. Regularly subjected to rigorous review by these industry leaders, Northern Light’s policies, practices, and procedures always meet and frequently exceed the standards set by our clients’ IT professionals.

Business News

Included in all SinglePoint portals, this enterprise-wide news solution applies cognitive search and analytics technology that we designed for strategic business analysis to over 6,500 sources that we aggregate for their business value, including online business and technology news, newswires, and industry authority blogs.  Northern Light Business News delivers over 40,000 news stories a day and is optimized for competitive intelligence, industry analysis, and tracking of technology and social trends affecting every industry.  Many Northern Light clients rely entirely on Northern Light Business News for their competitive intelligence and technology tracking functions.